Black striped mussel (Mytilopsis sallei)

Key features

  • Shells unequal in size, one side overlaps the other
  • Shell is smooth, small and easily crushed
  • Forms dense clusters
  • Shell sometimes zig zagged or striped
  • Up to 2.5 cm long


  • Subtropical to tropical
  • Estuarine to marine
  • Up to a few metres depth
  • Hard vertical surfaces (e.g.
    hulls & pylons)


  • Fast growing & can displace native species
  • Mass fouling of wharf pylons, marinas, vessel water intake systems & marine farms

Known locations

  • Not yet in Australia

What you can do

  • Inspect & clean niche areas & antifoul your vessel regularly
  • Clean & dry equipment before transporting & using in a different location

Learn more

Read the national biofouling management guidelines for your sector.

Report immediately Outside known locations!

  • Note the exact locations
  • If possible, collect a sample and freeze in a plastic bag or take a photo
  • See for your state contacts

Report a sighting

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