Help stop the spread of marine pests

The petroleum production and exploration industry has an important role in Australia's fight against marine pests.

If you are an operator of a vessel, immersible equipment or infrastructure involved in petroleum production and exploration operations, you can help prevent the spread of marine pests by implementing the following measures:

  • managing ballast water according to Australia’s mandatory Ballast Water Management Requirements. For further information on the requirements and how to comply, go to the Australian ballast water management pages
  • minimising the amount of biofouling through a high standard of cleaning and maintenance. For more information on recommended biofouling management practices for petroleum vessels, equipment and infrastructure, go to the Managing biofouling page
  • complying with any state/territory requirements.

Under the Western Australian Environmental Protection Act 1986 the Environmental Protection Authority makes recommendations to the Minister for Environment who then sets conditions for the management of the potential biosecurity risk presented by vessels and equipment. For further information contact the Department of Fisheries Western Australia. 

Working together to stop the spread

The petroleum production and exploration industry is not alone in taking measures to prevent the introduction and spread of marine pests in Australian coastal waters.

The shipping, non-trading, fishing, aquaculture and recreational boating sectors are implementing similar measures suited to their vessel types and operating profiles. All marine sectors have a role in stopping the spread of marine pests.