​​​Managing ballast water to stop new pests arriving in Australia

Australia has ballast water management requirements to prevent new marine pests arriving in Australia as a result of ballast water discharge.

Ballast water requirements for arriving international vessels

All arriving international vessels are required to manage their ballast water in accordance with the Australian ballast water management requirements. The ballast water page on the Department ​of Agriculture website provides further information to assist operators comply with the requirements.

Victoria's domestic ballast water management requirements

All ships entering a Victorian port are required to comply with EPA Victoria’s domestic ballast water management requirements.

Follow the links for more information and details regarding the Victorian Government’s Waste Management Policy (Ships' Ballast Water) and Environment Protection (Ships' Ballast Water) Regulations 2006.

Future ballast water management requirements

A comprehensive set of domestic ballast water management arrangements are being developed under the National System to complement the existing requirements for international vessels. Once implemented, all vessels whether on domestic or international voyages will be required to manage ballast water to prevent the introduction and spread of introduced marine pests.

These arrangements will be consistent with the International Maritime Organization’s International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, which Australia has signed subject to ratification.

 Contact the Australian Ballast Water Unit for further information.