Help keep marine pests out of your aquaculture operations

It is critical that marine pests are kept out of aquaculture operations. If you are involved in the aquaculture industry, you can help prevent the spread of marine pests by:

  • complying with state/territory government restrictions for movement of stock and equipment within and between states (refer to your state/territory authority for information on protocols and restrictions applying to specific aquaculture operations in your jurisdiction)
  • minimising the build-up of biofouling on stock and equipment through a high standard of hygiene and maintenance
  • minimising the build-up of biofouling on vessels used in your enterprise

Biofouling management guidelines for aquaculture operations are now available

National biofouling management guidelines for the aquaculture industry have been developed in conjunction with the National Aquaculture Council to assist operators reduce the risk of spreading marine pests through routine aquaculture operations.

These guidelines provide practical recommendations to assist operators manage biofouling risks associated with movement of stock and equipment for sectors within the aquaculture industry.

Biofouling management guidelines for vessels

For assistance on managing biofouling on vessels used in daily operations, aquaculture operators can refer to the 'National biofouling management guidelines for commercial fishing vessels'. These guidelines were developed in conjunction with the commercial fishing industry and apply equally to aquaculture operations. They cover both trailered vessels and non-trailered vessels.

Working together to stop the spread

By implementing the above measures, you will be actively working to help protect the aquaculture industry from marine pests.

Other marine sectors including commercial fishing, recreational boating, shipping and petroleum production and exploration are also implementing similar measures suited to their industry.

Together these measures form part of Australia’s fight against marine pests under the National System for the Prevention and Management of Marine Pests Incursions.