NIMPIS - National Introduced Marine Pest Information System

NIMPIS provides detailed information on the biology, ecology and distribution of marine pest species known to have been introduced to Australia as well as information on species considered to be high risk for future introductions.

PaDIL - Pests and Diseases Image Library

PaDIL offers high quality colour diagnostic images and information on marine pests as well as a range of terrestrial pests and diseases. Images of similiar non-pest native species are also available for comparison.

Biodiversity Information Projects of the World

This information system can be used to search for the key invasive marine pest and general biodiversity websites from around the world.

GISD - Global Invasive Species Database

GISD focuses on invasive species that threaten native biodiversity and covers all taxonomic groups from micro-organisms to animals and plants in all ecosystems. Species information is either supplied by or reviewed by expert contributors from around the world.


SeaLifeBase is an information system for aquatic organisms.  For each species included, it provides biological information to conduct biodiversity and ecosystem studies. SeaLifeBase has search links to many other well known information systems such as FishBase.