Controlling established pests

Once marine pests become established, they are usually very difficult and costly to eradicate. 

The ongoing management and control element of the National System aims to contain and control introduced marine pests that establish viable populations within Australian waters.

This will help stop them spreading further and minimise their impact where they have become established.

National control plans  have been developed for the following six pests that are having significant impacts on the marine environment or marine industries:

  1. Northern Pacific seastar (Asterias amurensisPDF Icon PDF [802 KB]
  2. European green shore crab (Carcinus maenas) PDF Icon PDF [774 KB]
  3. Asian bag or date mussel (Musculista senhousiaPDF Icon PDF [718 KB]
  4. European fan worm (Sabella spallanzanii) PDF Icon PDF [796 KB]
  5. Japanese seaweed or wakame (Undaria pinnatifidaPDF Icon PDF [805 KB]
  6. European or basket shell clam (Varicorbula gibba) PDF Icon PDF [630 KB].

Each plan includes:

  • practical management actions and cost effective approaches to control or reduce the impact of the marine pest
  • recommendations for future research and development, including cost benefit analysis and planning tools
  • links to the National System monitoring strategy
  • recommendations for additional public awareness and education strategies
  • an implementation strategy.