Report a suspect pest

If you have seen anything unusual in your marine environment that you have not seen before and you suspect it may be a new marine pest in the area, you should alert authorities using the procedure below.

  1. Collect a sample or take photos for identification.  Where possible, collect one or two samples of suspect organisms, place in a plastic bag along with a little seawater and freeze as quickly as possible. Do not attempt to collect samples if it is not safe to do so or if you are in a protected area such as a marine park, national park, aquatic reserve or any area closed to fishing.
  2. Note the exact location.  As well as the geographical location, write down as many details as possible, including shore markers, depth of water, substrate or infrastructure the organism was found on etc.  Also note the date, how many individuals you saw and any other characteristics you think might be useful.
  3. Check the marine pests interactive map or the pest identification cards to see if the organism is already known to be a pest in the area and to make sure that it is not a native species that looks similar to a pest.
  4. If you believe the organism is a new pest in the area, report the sighting to the relevant state or territory authority using the contact details below.
State Agency Phone
Tas Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment  03 6233 3157
0408 379 197
Vic Department of Sustainability & Environment 136 186
NSW Department of Primary Industries 02 4916 3877 (recorded 24 hour service)
QLD Biosecurity Queensland 132 523
NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries 0413 381 094
WA Department of Fisheries (Fishwatch) 1800 815 507
SA Primary Industries & Resources of South Australia (Fishwatch) 1800 065 522