Help stop the spread of marine pests

Marine pests are spreading around the Australian coastline. They are great hitchhikers and readily attach themselves as biofouling to vessels and boating gear.

With almost one million recreational vessels in Australia, there is a huge opportunity for marine pests to spread inadvertently as people participate in everyday boating activities.

If you own a boat or yacht, you can play an important role in helping prevent the spread of marine pests. You could be carrying marine pests on your boat or gear and accidentally spread them to your favourite destination. If these pests become established in this area, they can have serious consequences including:

  • wiping out native marine life, including your favourite fish species
  • damaging the attractiveness and value of the area
  • threatening the local economy
  • causing serious human illnesses.

The way you maintain your boat is extremely important in reducing this risk. The key is to minimise the level of biofouling on your boat and gear through good maintenance practices. Find out more about managing biofouling on your boat.

Important information for boats wishing to enter Darwin marinas

If you are wishing to enter a marina in Darwin, be aware that your boat is likely to be inspected for marine pests prior to entry. More information on vessel inspections in Darwin

Working together to stop the spread

Other marine sectors, including commercial fishing, aquaculture, shipping and the petroleum industry are also implementing similar measures suited to their industry.

All marine sectors have an important role to play as part of the National System for the Prevention and Management of Marine Pest Incursions.