Vessels can transport marine pests between locations. Follow our biofouling guidelines. Protect ​Australia’s oceans.


Marine pests can spread when you move equipment and vessels between locations. Follow our biofouling guidelines.

Ports and marinas

Protect your port or marina. Educate your staff. Keep watch for pests. Make sure vessel operators manage biofouling.

Offshore infrastructure

Marine pests can damage structures and equipment. Anything you submerge in water can be a risk. Follow our biofouling guidelines.

Recreation and community

Marine pests could devastate our ocean industries and way of life.

You can help stop the spread of marine pests. There are simple actions you can take.

What you can do

Identify marine pests

We need your help to keep watch for marine pests.

Read our marine pest guides. Includes features and known locations of marine pests of concern.

What to look for


Report anything unusual

See something unusual? Report it. Even if you’re not sure.

You can report suspected pests to your state or territory authority.

Report a pest


Map of marine pests

Check for marine pests in a particular area. Includes details of established pests and pests to keep watch for.

We update the map with new locations as information is available.

Check the map