National Introduced Marine Pest Information System

We are currently uprading the National Introduced Marine Pest Information System. The system will: 

  • be easier to search
  • have improved mapping functions.

NIMPIS will not be available while we are making these improvements.

We aim to launch the new version of NIMPIS in August 2019.

We maintain a scientific database of marine pests that:

  • could be introduced in the future
  • are already in Australian waters
  • are native to some locations but a pest in others.

Data we collect

NIMPIS contains data for over 100 marine pests, includes information on:

  • features
  • habitats
  • how they survive
  • reproduction and growth
  • feeding, competitors and predators
  • entry pathways
  • impacts
  • known locations
  • control options.

Use the data

Anyone can use NIMPIS to:

  • help identify marine pests in their areas
  • help prevent the introduction and spread of marine pests
  • view known locations of marine pests.

Biosecurity managers can use NIMPIS to:

  • develop emergency response plans
  • share marine pest surveillance data in their areas.

Share new data

Our database contains over:

  • 100 marine pests
  • 600 images
  • 4000 references.

We encourage you to share any new information on marine pests.

You can email