Marine pests

Marine pests are plants and animals that are not native to a particular region.

They can be introduced by human activity. Once here, they can harm our resources, marine industries and the natural environment.

Damage they can cause

Marine pests can have a serious effect on our way of life. They can:

  • affect human health
  • compete with native species
  • damage coastal areas and structures
  • restrict access to waterways, ports and marinas
  • spread disease.

What to look for

We have simple advice on how to identify marine pests. This is not a complete list of all marine pests. You know your area. If you see something unusual, report it.

Find out how to identify marine pests.

Your location

Check our marine pests map.

The map shows known pests and pests to look for around Australia.


Report it

See something unusual? Report it. Even if you’re not sure.

If you see something you think is a pest:

  • note the exact location (screenshot your map app or enable photo geotagging on your phone)
  • take a photo (use something for size reference, like a coin or note)
  • contact your state or territory authority.



Stop the spread of marine pests

We can all protect Australian oceans from marine pests.

If you boat or yacht, fish, dive or do any recreational activity in the ocean, you can help.

How you can stop the spread of marine pests.