Biofouling management in marinas, slipways, boat maintenance and recreational boating facilities

Marine Pest Sectoral Committee, 2021

For marine facility owners, operators and their personnel.

Learn how to manage biofouling on your:

  • marinas
  • slipways
  • boat harbours
  • recreational boating mooring areas
  • fishing ports/bases
  • boat maintenance facilities
  • associated infrastructure
    • jetties
    • wharves
    • moorings
    • pontoons

Includes guidance on how to:

  • educate staff and customers about marine pest risk
  • apply an environmental management plan
  • manage biofouling on infrastructure
  • assist customers to manage biofouling on vessels
  • keep appropriate records
  • watch for potential marine pest threats
  • report a pest
  • develop an emergency marine biosecurity response plan

For offshore infrastructure, read the petroleum industry guidelines.

For vessels, read the guidelines for commercial fishing vessels, commercial vessels, non-trading vessels and recreational vessels.


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