Biofouling on non-trading vessels

 Marine Pest Sectoral Committee, 2009

For owners and crew of non-trading vessels.

Use these guidelines to prevent biofouling on your vessel. Includes guidance on how to:

  • clean your vessel
  • report a pest
  • prevent the spread of marine pests.

Types of non-trading vessels

These guidelines apply to certain types of non-trading vessels.


  • barges and dredges
  • cable ships
  • heavy lift vessels
  • lighters (including oil recovery vessels)
  • research vessels
  • super yachts
  • tall ships
  • trailered vessels.

Government vessels (owned, contracted or chartered):

  • customs launches
  • defence vessels
  • harbour and inshore patrol vessels including
    • fisheries vessels
    • marine administration vessels
    • marine safety vessels
    • marine parks vessels
    • water police vessels
    • coast patrol vessels.​

Transport service vessels:

  • charter boats
  • pilot boats
  • ferries
  • tugs and line handling boats
  • water taxis.

For offshore support vessels and pipelay vessels, read the petroleum industry guidelines.


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