Commercial requirements and guidelines

For commercial industries and vessel operators.

Marine pests can spread through commercial activities. This includes movement of vessels, gear and stock between locations.

Be aware of the risks. Follow our advice. Help us stop the spread of marine pests.


Marine pests can have a devastating effect on aquaculture.

Protect your business. Keep your equipment and vessels clean.

Manage marine pest risks in your aquaculture business.


Vessels pose a high risk for the spread of marine pests.

Pests can accumulate on your vessel and in internal seawater systems. They cause damage, reduce performance and can hitchhike on your vessel to a new location.

Find out how to:

Fishing and diving gear

Fishing and diving gear can accumulate marine pests if not kept clean and dry.

Pests can damage your gear. They can also spread when you use uncleaned gear in a new location.

How to keep your gear clean and free from pests.

Offshore infrastructure

Submersible structures and equipment can accumulate marine pests.

Marine pests can foul your structures and natural environments. Risks are high when you move these to a new area. Particularly after long periods stationary or at low speeds.

Protect your offshore structures, equipment and vessels.

Port and marina operators

You have an important role in stopping the spread of marine pests.

Protect your business. Keep your port or marina clean. Educate and regulate your users.

Advice for port or marina operators.

Report it

See something unusual? Report it. Even if you’re not sure.

If you see something you think is a pest:

  • note the exact location ​(screenshot your map app or enable photo geotagging on your phone)
  • take a photo (use something for size reference, like a coin or note)
  • contact your state or territory authority.