The Australian Priority Marine Pest List

The Australian Priority Marine Pest List (APMPL) identifies 10 of Australia’s significant marine pests. This list includes 3 established and 7 exotic species.

The APMPL lists priority pests. See all marine pests that pose a risk to Australia.

To decide on the priority pests, experts identified species that were:

  • nationally significant
  • able to be identified in the marine environment
  • able to be eradicated

We will use the APMPL to raise awareness and support surveillance, preparedness and response management for these species.


Priority pests already established in some parts of Australia:


Priority pests not known to be established in Australia:

Read the detail

Want to know more about how marine pests were assessed for inclusion on the APMPL? Read Australian Priority Marine Pests List: Process and Outcomes.


Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, 2019



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Report it

See something unusual? Report it. Even if you’re not sure.

If you see something you think is a pest:

  • note the exact location (screenshot your map app or enable photo geotagging on your phone)
  • take a photo (use something for size reference, like a coin or note)
  • contact your state or territory authority.