What we do

We all have a role in protecting our industries and environment from marine pests.

Our role is to:

  • coordinate efforts across government
  • provide nationally-agreed advice and data to help you.

Community awareness

Our goal is to make everyone aware of the risks of marine pests in Australia.

We educate the public about how marine pests can spread and the harm they cause. We can all help keep our oceans healthy.

How you can stop the spread of marine pests.

National resources

Responsibility for marine pest biosecurity is shared across government and industry. A nationally-consistent approach supports us to respond faster and be more effective.

We provide these resources for industry, government and the community:


Research helps us to develop an informed approach to marine pest biosecurity.

Our research data can help biosecurity managers and industry make evidence-based decisions.

Read more about our research activities and data.


Marine pest surveillance is essential to protecting Australia’s marine environments.

We provide guidance on surveillance methodology. We are working to develop or validate new surveillance methods.

Learn about marine pest surveillance methods and practices.


We work across government and with industry to stop the spread of marine pests.

Find out more about marine pest responsibilities and partnerships.

Get involved

Play your part in protecting Australia’s oceans.

You can join our Marine Pest Research Network.

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