Response manuals

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, 2023

The Marine Pest Response Manuals form part of the marine pest emergency response guides which includes the Marine Pest Management Manual (in development) and the Biosecurity Incident Management System: Marine pest version.

Five marine pest response manuals have been developed to provide guidance on responding to marine pest emergencies.

The manuals offer guidance on:

  • types of information needed to inform the response to a marine pest incursion
  • types of expert advice that may need to be sought
  • potential sources of information for preparing a response plan
  • appropriate methods for containment, control and/or eradication of marine pests.

These manuals may be used when:

  • responding to a suspected or confirmed marine pest incursion
  • planning for response to marine pest biosecurity incidents.

The manuals are working documents. They will be updated with new research, experiences or emerging threats.

Manuals for other marine pest groups may be added in the future.

​The format and content of each manual is adapted from AUSVETPLAN and AQUAVETPLAN. This assists emergency response staff who are already trained to use those manuals.

You can also read our ​National Control Plans​ for six established marine pests.


Response manual for invasive marine crabs